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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sharkfin reel 4000

I like this reel

to be frank

lotsa power

and really dont have to be afraid of "bird's nest"

purposely spool the line loose to see if the reel will do what it does

and true enough it holds on to the fight of the fish even though with birds nest

landed 2 carps while mounted on eupro salty fighter today at FW3 Cnr Pond

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Surecatch Unity UTF45

Hi guys first post, will try to put in as much information to my knowledge. Got this reel for around 1 mth. Lets talk about the spec first.

Power size of the reel is 4000 but the spool 4500.
Major Specification
-V-Shaped rotor arm
-Super Micro-pitch drag
-Friction return mechanism
-waterproof drag knob
-ABS(Advance braking system)
-A.R.T(Anti Rust Technology)

So this reel comes with a 5 yr warranty, a free power knot and a bag. Overall personally I feel that the reel is very solid(looks and performance) and when you crank in, the power is there and its smooth as well(6 anti rust ball bearings). When fighting big fishes lines goes out smoothly. I have not personally try it out on offshore before, but I don`t think it will be a problem.

Max drag 5.0KG
Line Cap 0.330mm-250M
Weight 320g
Gear Ratio 5.0:1

Overall not an expensive reel and thanks to Storm was told to me that the internal gear is similar or almost same as one of the expensive brand that we have in the market. Which brand you got to find out yourself.

**PS does not come with the razor mouse

Budget setup for pond fishing

A guide for friends who have just started fishing. They often ask me what should they buy? I often ask them, what is their budget and where are they going to fish? Below are some recommendations of spinning tackle for the budget shopper at pond fishing:

Cheapest recommended setup (for those wanna try pond fishing but do not want to spend too much):

Daiwa Power Jupiter rod 5-6ft 10-25lb line rating $20-$30

Cheap korean rod from Deep Sea Tackles 6-12lb 2pc (bassone lookalike) $28

Xpuyu rods 2pc 5ft-6ft6" 8-17lb or 10-20lb rating $30-$70

Xpuyu 4pc travel rod 6ft 10-20lb line rating $52

Ageis rod 2pc cw10-30g 6ft $45-$55

Shimano Catana 1000 or 2500 reel $50-$60.

Shimano Sienna 1000FD or 2500FD reel $45-$60.

Teamseahawk Shouri 1000 or 2000 reel $50-$70.

Daiwa Regal, Crossfire, Sweepfire 1000-3000 reels $30-$80

Sure catch reels & pioneer reels $10-$50

More expensive recommended setup (for the more serious pond fishing):

Teamseahawk Dynasty 1000-2000 reel $80-$100

Penn Sargus 2000 reel (Siow Chiang) $110-$130

Daiwa ss700 or ss1300 (whisker) reel ($135-$160)

Daiwa Freams Kix 1500-2500 $160-$190

Daiwa Caldia Kix (grey/white model) 1500-2500 $220-$350

Shimano Stradic ci4 1000-2500 $265-$300

Daiwa Fuego 1500-2000 $310-$340

Teamseahawk Perfection rod $80-$90

Relix Reliance rod 10-20lb rating 5'4"$70-$90

Eupro Salty fighter 10-20lb $70-$90

Expert Subtrace 10-20lb 2pc 5'6" $100

Ugly Stik Light 6-12lb, 8-15lb 1pc 6ft $100-$150

Shimano Bassterra EV 5'6"-6' $110-$135

Teamseahawk Shika rod 6ft $150

Lemax redsword 8-17lb line 6'6" length $60-$70

Shimano Holiday pack telescopic rod 20-180 6ft (only from TTC) $85

Black Hole Junior Blast telescopic rod 6-12lb line rating 6ft $60-$70

Shimano Axis STC travel rod $160-$180

Shimano Bassterra $180-$200

If you like ultra light tackle, go for size 1000 (or even size 500) spinning reel and rod with 6lb-15lb ratings. For use at pond with bigger fish (eg. FW3 freshwater Catch&Release pond), I recommend to go for size 2500 spinning reel. There are also lots of other reels that are available in the market, which I am unable to list as I am not sure of their recommended retail prices. I am not familiar with baitcasting reel as I only use Abu Revo Inshore reel before. For higher-end spinning reels, can check with other Team AA members, which they will be more than willing to advise you. Cheers!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Shimano Stradic CI4 1000

pics of reel taken some time back

i had this reel paired up with a gloomis imx 2-6lb rod

field tested in on 4 august 2010

CI4 stands for Carbon Interfusion with the 4 referring to the number of electrons in the Carbon atom. Ultimately, this means CI4 is reinforced Carbon Fiber.

It is over one and a half times stronger than shimano's normal XT-7 graphite and is over 20% lighter. Because it does not contain metal, it is impervious to rust.

initial finding,reel really light as what shimano had claimed

however this is where the problem starts..

a reel being too light while in hand might be good for long term fishing especially if you are luring and will be casting hundreds of time in a session,but for somebody who does not do luring often,this could be a problem

i find the reel too light that while cranking in a fish fight,so much so that i would feel that the reel has got no power

personally i would feel that this is a must have reel for those who are into light weight stuff but for me,sad to say i prefer a little more weight

specs for 1000 size

max 7lb drag
6+1 ball bearings
6:1 gear ratio
6.2oz in weight

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Luvias Da Custom 1000

LUVIAS DA Custom 1000
gear ratio 4.7
ball bearings 6+1
weight 170g
Drag 2kg

Luvias DA Custom is a reel with lightness beyond imagination, strength beyond comprehension and a body that’s completely corrosion resistant. The secret of its strength and durability lies in a new, ground breaking technology that will change the future of the modern fishing reel – Zaion.

Zaion is a brand new type of material, simply explained it is a high density carbon resin. Zaion combines many of the characteristics of traditional materials used in reel manufacture – the low weight, strength and versatility of Aluminium or Zinc, the rigidity, corrosion resistance and affordability of FRP (fibre resin plastic).

The new Zaion material replaces glass fibres with carbon fibres to create an extremely rigid, strong material. The material is first cast then machined to create a body has exhibits the same precision and strength as a magnesium or an aluminium body. Yet it is the same weight as magnesium but fully corrosion resistant.

In 2007 Daiwa released a new ‘all-rounder reel’ – Luvias and set the standard for all to follow. Luvias was huge success and now Daiwa Australia is proud to release the new Australian version, the Luvias DA Custom.

The new Luvias spinning reels with Zaion and Real Four technology delivers enhanced performance almost equal to Daiwa’s flag ship models. This highly precision machined body, is equivalent to Daiwa’s famous Air Metal technology, it is not only light and tough but shows superior performance far beyond any other reel material available today.

Daiwa’s Real Four design reels set the standard for the future of spinning reels. The engineering precision is flawless. Just one turn of the handle reveals the effortless, fluid motion of 7 bearings working together with Digigear II for optimum meshing of speed, power and durability.

The sound of the oscillation is not just quiet its non-existent, with a fully dampened gear and drive to eliminate unnecessary noise and vibration. Daiwa’s levelwind system lays line evenly in a cross wrapped pattern to prevent dig-in under pressure and eliminates casting loops, while the sealed drag stays dry as water and drains quickly and easily from other parts of the reel.

A true legend, with its computer designed Zaion body, body cover and rotor, super strong, yet ultra-lightweight Air Bail, ABS Air Spool with cut-proof, titanium nitride lip and lifetime bail spring, its no wonder that Luvias is the future of the modern spinning reel.

i paired this reel with gloomis imx 2-6lb rod

field tested this rod on 3rd august 2010 at PRPP

landed 3 fishes on this setup

1 kbl 2.95kg
1 ack 1.15kg
1 ack around 1.2kg

kbl jumped in out of water at least 5 times upon hook up and i was still able to reel in without much effort

line out was smooth,cranking power is there

outlook wise...wat do you say?
its an exclusive aussie model which i had the luck of bring back

costed me about 325aud

for that price convert to sgd the daiwa fuego 1000 size would be a good buy though slightly heavier for the fuego at a very negligible weight diff

Ryobi Arctica 3000


Gear Ratio: 5.0:1
WT (gram): 305
Bearings: 5BB
Line Capacity (PE/No.): PE4-140M, PE5-120M
5 kg max drag

Featured with 5 stainless steel ball bearings.
Full aluminum metal body.
New RFO rotary flat oscillation system.
Full metal spool with carbon fiber.
Machined round knob power handle.
Power handle & power knob

i paired this up with a Berkeley Cherrywood fishing rod and tested it on FW3 CnR pond on 1st August 2010.

initial feel of the reel upon mounting on rod is the weight of the handle,the power knob that comes with it makes it heavy on the feel.

i had 2 takes on this setup

1 was a 5kg redtail catfish

and other take was an unknown monster who kept on going and going until the monster threw hook

i love the feel of the weight of the reel when i was fighting the fishes as it shown me that it has got the power to take on big fishes

drag was good and powerful though a bit too low for some who expect the double strength of drag or more in a similar class reel

outlook of the reel could have been improve if they stuck to the gold and black theme of the reel as compared to the silver coloured handle and knob combi now

overall for anybody who wants something on the lower budget and looks stylo,this reel is an item worth considering