Sunday, September 19, 2010

Daiwa Certate 2010 aka New Certate

well i was up for a rompin trip on 17 Sept 2010

cracked my head on what to bring for the trip,finally settled for a Eupro Salty fighter with
New certate 3000

loaded with 150yd of 20lb power pro line for light jigging purposes

my impression of this setup is that its got very good cranking power and i like the smoothness of the reel and the drag is quite strong

even though we did encountered some very strong under water current (even size 8 sinkers went swimming) upon hittin fish and reeling back,was effortless,nvr did encounter any biggies that was able to take the line out for a run anyways

overall for a reel that costs as much as a 1000 size stella,this is really value for money for the reel,with the lightness and power

well,as for the rod,eupro salty fighter?
for a rod of PE0.8 to PE2 max,at a price tag of around SGD55,i would say its one of the best value rods around u can find


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