Saturday, August 7, 2010

Budget setup for pond fishing

A guide for friends who have just started fishing. They often ask me what should they buy? I often ask them, what is their budget and where are they going to fish? Below are some recommendations of spinning tackle for the budget shopper at pond fishing:

Cheapest recommended setup (for those wanna try pond fishing but do not want to spend too much):

Daiwa Power Jupiter rod 5-6ft 10-25lb line rating $20-$30

Cheap korean rod from Deep Sea Tackles 6-12lb 2pc (bassone lookalike) $28

Xpuyu rods 2pc 5ft-6ft6" 8-17lb or 10-20lb rating $30-$70

Xpuyu 4pc travel rod 6ft 10-20lb line rating $52

Ageis rod 2pc cw10-30g 6ft $45-$55

Shimano Catana 1000 or 2500 reel $50-$60.

Shimano Sienna 1000FD or 2500FD reel $45-$60.

Teamseahawk Shouri 1000 or 2000 reel $50-$70.

Daiwa Regal, Crossfire, Sweepfire 1000-3000 reels $30-$80

Sure catch reels & pioneer reels $10-$50

More expensive recommended setup (for the more serious pond fishing):

Teamseahawk Dynasty 1000-2000 reel $80-$100

Penn Sargus 2000 reel (Siow Chiang) $110-$130

Daiwa ss700 or ss1300 (whisker) reel ($135-$160)

Daiwa Freams Kix 1500-2500 $160-$190

Daiwa Caldia Kix (grey/white model) 1500-2500 $220-$350

Shimano Stradic ci4 1000-2500 $265-$300

Daiwa Fuego 1500-2000 $310-$340

Teamseahawk Perfection rod $80-$90

Relix Reliance rod 10-20lb rating 5'4"$70-$90

Eupro Salty fighter 10-20lb $70-$90

Expert Subtrace 10-20lb 2pc 5'6" $100

Ugly Stik Light 6-12lb, 8-15lb 1pc 6ft $100-$150

Shimano Bassterra EV 5'6"-6' $110-$135

Teamseahawk Shika rod 6ft $150

Lemax redsword 8-17lb line 6'6" length $60-$70

Shimano Holiday pack telescopic rod 20-180 6ft (only from TTC) $85

Black Hole Junior Blast telescopic rod 6-12lb line rating 6ft $60-$70

Shimano Axis STC travel rod $160-$180

Shimano Bassterra $180-$200

If you like ultra light tackle, go for size 1000 (or even size 500) spinning reel and rod with 6lb-15lb ratings. For use at pond with bigger fish (eg. FW3 freshwater Catch&Release pond), I recommend to go for size 2500 spinning reel. There are also lots of other reels that are available in the market, which I am unable to list as I am not sure of their recommended retail prices. I am not familiar with baitcasting reel as I only use Abu Revo Inshore reel before. For higher-end spinning reels, can check with other Team AA members, which they will be more than willing to advise you. Cheers!


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